1000+ of Passions Supported
Here are some of the amazing people we have supported along their journeys to success! 
Who is next?
Box of Beats
Artist, producer, beatboxer
Joanna Gerolaga
Singer, songwriter, gigging artist
Koi Castela
Artist, producer, actor
Marc Solomon
Producer, audio engineer, Emmy-nominated audio engineer, guitarist
Desiree T.
Singer and entrepreneur
Nadia F.
TV host
Fiaro B.
Rapper and artist
Ayana D.
JD Bailey
Tribe Mastermind
Carlos Coriano
Gigging artist
Michelle Lange
Marketing coach
Bob Mcintosh
Marketing coach
Kurt Glasgow
Branding guru
Sean Gibbs
Artist, songwriter
What Our Favorite Celebrity Coaches Say About Us
Lynn Rose
TV host, media entrepreneur, singer, keynote speaker
Forbes Riley
Actress, TV host, motivational speaker
A Few Other Celebrities We Have Worked With
Damon Dash
Record executive, film producer, director and actor
Kristine Mirelle
Singer, songwriter, recording artist
Roslynn Cobarrubias
Founder of mydiveo.com
Stacey Dash
Sonyae Elise
Singer, beatboxer
Brent Harvey
Talent agency, founder of Hollywood Music and Media Awards
Sivan Levi
Singer, dancer, entrepreneur, influencer
Andy Audate
Motivational speaker
Jamie Beeman
Dale Goldolbo
Actor, entrepreneur, event producer
And So Many More Artists & Creatives...
Angelique Pereira

"Vanessa is my favorite to work with! Always expect her to deliver and get the job done in a very professional way!"
Melissa M.
Actress, coach

"Vanessa has assisted us now for two years. The team is invaluable, sensitive, on the ball, willing, energetic, and all around positive. Tribe is a godsend, a partner that we trust and treasure, and Vanessa is a visionary."
Liz Monte
Actress, model

"Vanessa is a passionate, amazing firecracker of a woman who sees the passions of others and brings them alive. Her ability to take hold of talent and turn it into purpose and prosperity is both beautiful and inspiring. She'll take what you've got, make it bigger and better, and share it with the world."
Jessica K.
Blog writer
Solomon J.
Erick Q.
Business owner
Ana R.
Spiritual coach
"Not only does the Tribe provides the entertainment knowledge and connections, but they make sure your soul and heart are always in the right place. You can't have one without the other for lifelong success."
Adi H.
Fine artist
"Tribe and Vanessa are a role model to all future entrepreneurs. Bringing in passions together, having a platform where inspiration is supported and creation is flourished is a dream to most. And Tribe can cater to those possibilities: the integration of passions working and networking together for a greater purpose. I am an artist and life for and strive for this very thing, and it's refreshing to have an agency dedicated to this too."
Janet L.
Yoga instructor, spiritual healer
Dominique Alston
Actress, dancer, singer, host
James Anthony
Singer, songwriter, video production
Lauren Ashley Kay
Speaker, business owner
Brianna Weatherspoon
Business owner, event producer
Sagi Sky
Bodybuilder, business owner
Katie Principe
Business owner
La Manda Davis
Book writer, music industry
Mirna Lutin
Business owner
What Some of the Tribe Masterminds Say...
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