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Build a successful career in the entertainment industry
The first platform providing support to artists, creatives, influencers and entrepreneurs looking to build a successful career in the entertainment industry.
Get access to the Entertainment Accelerator course and the Entertainment Tribe platform including weekly live trainings, 24/7 support and much more!
The #1 Platform to Live Your Passion Full-Time 
in the Entertainment Industry
Entertainment Tribe is designed for individuals looking to live their passion, get gigs on demand and have a successful career in the entertainment industry. 

Entertainment Tribe helps artists, creatives, influencers and entrepreneurs looking to live their dreams in entertainment by giving them a predictable process to grow their careers, even from scratch, meet their goals, and live their passion full-time. We reveal the entire process that we have used for over 10 years, having helped hundreds of people grow and make it happen.
So, What's Included?
Here is a fraction of what you are getting with Entertainment Tribe: 
  •  Weekly live trainings and Q&As
  • ​The Entertainment Accelerator 6-week course ($4,000 in value)
  • ​Workbooks and templates
  • A platform with ​unlimited resources 
  • 24/7 support by your coaches
  • ​A private community
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Our Process
Here is our process to help you meet your goals faster than ever: 
  •  As you sign up, you'll be able to get started and watch the Entertainment Accelerator 6-week course
  • ​We'll get in touch with you the day you sign up and schedule a one-on-one call with you to guide you through the platform and show you how to maximize success
  • ​You'll get access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask any questions that you have and meet other members
  • ​You'll attend your first weekly live training and get to learn a new skill with your coaches and other members
Some of Our Success Stories
Box of Beats
Artist, producer, beatboxer
Joanna Gerolaga
Singer, songwriter, gigging artist
Koi Castela
Artist, producer, actor
Desiree T.
Singer and entrepreneur
Fiaro B.
Rapper and artist
Ayana D.
What Results Will You Get?
Here are some of the results that you'll get after joining:
  • Live your passion full-time in the entertainment industry
  • ​Create other income streams
  • ​Automate your success
  • ​Predictable process to grow your career
  • ​Reprogram your brain
  • ​Create a powerful brand
  • ​Become a leader
  • ​Live your dream career
Meet V Fùne, Your Entertainment Coach
Vanessa “V” Fuñe is the founder of the movement and non-profit Tribe Unity 501(c)3. Also known as the Entertainment Guru, she has been supporting people all over the world in living their passions within the creative entertainment industry for almost a decade. 

V moved back to L.A. 12 years ago and started working for the biggest managers in the industry and was also managing artists on the side. She has also been passionate about the music industry and has been a D.J. since she was 15 years old. Over 10 years ago, she had acquired a deep knowledge of the music world, which enabled her to branch out on her own.

V started recruiting artists and launching their careers in the music industry. She then started helping artists live their passions and find their way to success in L.A. Over 10 years later, her work is renowned in the entertainment industry, and she has helped hundreds of artists and creatives thrive and become successful. V has currently expanded the tribes in Los Angeles, Hawaii and now Las Vegas. 
Meet Oriane du Crest, Your Side Hustle Coach
Oriane has been helping individuals and entrepreneurs achieve continual growth and success in their business, careers and life for the last 5 years. She started her first business helping nonprofits and businesses with marketing and fundraising activities, which led her to master business development and focus her efforts mainly on businesses and individuals. She became quickly fascinated by helping others achieve their dreams, develop new streams of income and experience a constant revenue growth doing what they truly enjoy and have the life they have always envisioned.

Don't miss out on a chance to get the process and support that you need to build new income streams and achieve your goals in no time. 
Bonus #1:
The Entertainment Accelerator Course 
6-Week Course ($6,000 Value)
1. Owning Your Passion in Entertainment
7 episodes: 45 minutes/episode
In this first week you will learn how to look at your passion in a whole new way, define it and begin setting up for success in entertainment. We share the steps to becoming successful in entertainment and build your personal brand to get started for success.
2. The Entertainment 
7 episodes: 35 minutes/episode
Here you'll get to acquire the right mindset that you need to have in entertainment to reach your goals and build your career. It is a critical week to build up your career in the entertainment industry. Only a few are aware of the power of mindset, which is what blocks them from success.
3. Build Your Entertainment Career
8 episodes: 40 minutes/episode
This is the week where you take your career in entertainment to the next level and we give you the step-by-step process in an easy-to-follow way on how to do it like you have never seen before. This is where the magic happens and you get the best secrets to get gigs on demand!
4. Create Other Income Streams
8 episodes: 45 minutes/episode
Now, let's get you to build your side hustle, so that you can live your passion fully in entertainment. You'll learn how to develop another income stream very quickly, making the revenue that you want to live your dreams full time.
5. Launching Your Side Hustle
7 episodes: 40 minutes/episode
In this week, you will launch your new income stream and learn how to get clients on demand using the best strategies. Then you will learn how to grow and scale it, so that you can enhance your lifestyle without relying on anything else and can live your passion fully.
6. Becoming an  Influencer 
8 episodes: 45 minutes/episode
Learn how to become an influencer and build a name for yourself in entertainment. Discover how to use all the right channels to get recognized and paid and build a loyal fanbase that will help you grow your career instantly.
Bonus #2
The Instagram Stardom Course! ($499 Value)
10 episodes to stardom! 
You get full access to our Instagram Stardom Course! This is the secret jewel to becoming an influencer on Instagram, highly monetizing your account and getting fans on demand. 

Instagram Stardom covers everything you need, in a step-by-step process to master Instagram.
Bonus #3
Growing Your New Revenue Stream ($399 Value)
Scaling 10X
The Scaling 10X bonus will allow you to take your new income streams to the next level very quickly! 

This bonus includes all the secrets on business development, paid advertising, marketing, funnels, lead generation and much more.
Take on this one-time opportunity to join us and get all the bonuses!
What People Say About Us...
Lynn Rose
TV host, media entrepreneur, singer, keynote speaker
Marc Solomon
Producer, audio engineer, Emmy-nominated audio engineer, guitarist
Nadia F.
TV host

Angelique Pereira

"Vanessa is my favorite to work with! Always expect her to deliver and get the job done in a very professional way!"
Melissa McFarlane
Actress, coach

"Vanessa has assisted us now for two years. The team is invaluable, sensitive, on the ball, willing, energetic, and all around positive. Tribe is a godsend, a partner that we trust and treasure, and Vanessa is a visionary."
Liz Monte
Actress, model

"Vanessa is a passionate, amazing firecracker of a woman who sees the passions of others and brings them alive. Her ability to take hold of talent and turn it into purpose and prosperity is both beautiful and inspiring. She'll take what you've got, make it bigger and better, and share it with the world."
Entertainment Tribe Is For You If You:
  • Find out the exact strategies to have a highly successful career in the entertainment industry without a team helping you
  • ​Get gigs on demand without any investment, paying thousands in trainings or spending hours a day producing content and begging managers to come to you
  • ​Learn how to automate your career, drive consistent and continual growth behind it and grow your lifestyle to meet your goals 
  • ​Develop another stream of income to quit your side hustle and live your passion in entertainment full time
  • ​Get all the quick fixes to have an amazing career to take you from zero to meet your goals by simply following the strategies

The Craziest Guarantee Ever!

We know that you'll love the Entertainment Tribe platform and everything that is included. Even though our platform is super affordable, we still want to make sure you're 100% happy. We never like to have any student leave unsatisfied. 

As part of your full 30-day warranty, you have 30 days to go through the course with us, watch every video, attend our Q&As and apply our strategies. 

After 30 days, if it's not everything we said and you don't feel like you got amazing value, and you show us you've tried it daily, you get a full refund. We can even stay friends, and you'll always be a part of the Tribe. :)

It's Totally Risk-Free!

This Is Honestly a Limited Offer, That Won't Last Long, So Claim Your Spot Now!

Here is a recap: 

We are giving you full access to our Entertainment Tribe platform with a value of over $10,000, which means: 

- Weekly live trainings & Q&As

- Unlimited resources and 24/7 support

- Private community to build your own tribe

- Exclusive access to our private events

This is a very powerful platform, where you'll learn everything you need to know step by step about the NEW entertainment industry and grow your career quickly if you apply it (just like it did for us)!

**** Plus, you’re also getting bonuses:

BONUS 1: The Entertainment Accelerator ($6,000 value) ✅

​BONUS 2: Instagram Stardom ($499 value) ✅

BONUS 3: Scaling 10X ($399 value) ✅

We are giving you these as free bonus gifts because we want you to implement what you learn in the platform immediately . . .

And get results in the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE!

And we are 100% on your side the whole way.

If after 30 days, you don't feel like you got amazing value, and you show us you've tried it daily, went through the course with us, watch every video, attend our Q&As and apply our strategies, you get a full refund. 

How’s that for fair? 

You may want to hurry, though! This is truly a limited offer that won’t last. 
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